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Width by Height makes it easy to create beautiful picture layouts

photo gallery display of artwork and photo collection shown in a grid of 5 columns and 4 rows on an iPad

build your collection

Quickly add your art & picture collection

Scan and upload your pieces in seconds


Easily visualize your picture layout ideas

Design right on your wall (yes, really!)

Design view of the Width by Height app on an iPad showing two artworks arranged on a wall with a small chair in the corner to provide size context. There are controls for modifying the design shown on the bottom.
Width by Height share view

Collaborate with others

Share your designs & ideas

Decorate your space with confidence

Width by Height is perfect for

Recent moves

You can start decorating right from your couch! After a move, it’s a nice way to get settled in, while off your feet.


Know how your art will look in your space as you plan your redesign. Get it right the first time, exactly as you imagined it.

Art professionals

Create realistic mockups in less time! Automatic correct perspective and scale. Easy to share with clients and customers.

gift giving

Whether it’s a recent move, new baby, or home update – sometimes the best gift is the one that helps makes life easier.

Popular Questions

We’re here to help you. Let’s dive into some common questions.

Width by Height is easy-to-use software that allows you to visually design your art and picture layouts. It’s your home gallery designer. You can see how pieces will look in different spaces and arrangements before hanging anything up.

Getting pictures and art onto walls has some challenges. Width by Height is your personal art arranger and will help you avoid some of these common problems.

No more patching extra holes – Get it right the first time by knowing exactly where you want to hang your pieces.

No more time-consuming workarounds– Have you heard the advice to cut pieces of paper to size (who has the paper to do this!?) or tape frame outlines on your walls (who has the patience for this!?), or arrange your pieces on the floor (how are you supposed to walk around!?)? 

You don’t need extra supplies, just use the devices you already have. Take as much time as you want without having your space feel like a construction zone.

No more waiting for help – You can see how pieces (especially large and heavy ones) will look without needing the help of a team to hold them up. It’s a breeze trying these pieces out in different spaces without the hassle of having to keep moving them.

No more guessing – See exactly how your pieces will look on your wall. Share with friends to get their thoughts on what looks best.

Seeing how a piece will look in a space is so important. Sharing your vision for their space and giving your clients confidence can make a world of difference.

No more time-consuming software – Getting the correct perspective and scale is challenging. Tools like Adobe Photoshop and SketchUp take a lot of time and expertise to get it right. Width by Height automatically adjusts the piece to the space. This means you spend your time designing and not fussing with geometry.

No complicated sharing
– Easily share your ideas right from Width by Height. Quickly download design concepts. Customize messaging for clear communication.

To get started, all you do is take a photo (or upload one) of your art and space. We’ll try to automatically detect the sizes and you’ll help us make sure we get that right.

Now you’re ready to start previewing how the pieces will look. Once you have some designs that you like, you can save or share them. If you want to see how your layouts look in real-time, use Augmented Reality (AR) to view your designs in the space you’re in. That’s it! Easy-peasy.

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