Group photo of all the pets including dogs and cats

We haven’t done it all alone! As we work on Width by Height, we have had help from the furry friends we’ve met through petsitting. Sometimes it’s a day, a week, or even a month that they’ve been by our side, cheering us on. In recognition and thanks for all they’ve done, we’ve named our placeholder frames after them.

Stetson a black lab dog


Stetson has shown us that it can feel good to take a minute and let all that extra energy out. Embrace the zoomies!

Stetson will periodically have a wild burst of energy and bounce on and off the couch in rapid succession. It’s a sight to be seen.

Beulah a corgi dog


Beulah knows what she likes and isn’t afraid of the chase. She’s shown us that it’s good to go after what you want.

Beulah loves belly rubs and chasing laser pointers. She is never shy to ask for either. She’s in 100% and is the most tenacious laser chaser we’ve met.

Filbert a cat


Filbert knows that the best offense is a good defense. Sometimes taking a step back will get you further.

Filbert likes to get in on the laser pointer chase but is reluctant to get too exposed. You’ll find him speeding forward and just as suddenly, speeding backwards.

Stahle a German Shepard dog


Stahle values staying fueled. It’s important to be open to all snacks so that you can keep up your energy throughout the day.

Stahle recently passed and we miss him supervising our cooking and helping with cleanup.

Wyette a small kitty


Wyette doesn’t let her petite size hold her back. She’s taught us to take your space and let your voice be heard.

Wyette is the size of Stahle and Copper’s toys! But while she is small, she isn’t shy about letting her presence be known.

Copper is a dog


Copper doesn’t let anything slip by. It’s critical to the pack that if you see something, you say something.

Copper likes to sing along with emergency sirens and let everyone know what’s going on outside the window.

Ferguson a black cat


Ferguson knows the importance of rest and sleep. Sometimes all you need is a nap in the sun to recharge.

Ferguson loves curling up on the top of the couch and melting in the sun.

Eileen is dog


Eileen likes to keep tabs on what’s going on. We agree that it’s a good policy to watch for and prevent problems before they arise.

Eileen likes to peek over the top of the couch and watch what’s going on in the neighborhood. If there’s any suspicious or rambunctious activity, she’ll let you know.

Debra is a cat


Debra believes in doing what makes you happy. She’s right! Life is best when you get to do what you enjoy.

Debra will happily make herself comfortable on that pile of papers you’re reading or turn your head into a footstool. She’s sassy, unapologetic, and delightful.

Gort is a tuxedo cat


Gort likes to get down, roll around, and look up. Getting a new perspective and seeing things from the bottom-up can be very helpful.

Gort loves being outside. You’ll often catch him in the grass with his feet up in the air.

Max and Mila are cats

Max & Mila

Max and Mila have shown us that two heads are better than one. It’s easier to get through tough spots together.

Max and Mila are often found side-by-side, snuggled up together.

Bernie is a black and white dog


Bernie likes to show his appreciation and he doesn’t hold back. He’s taught us that you should be generous with thanks and let people know how much you appreciate them.

Bernie loves to give kisses. He’s sweet and loving and will cover you in smooches.

Syndra is a white and orange cat


Syndra likes to get up above it all and look down on what’s going on. Changing how you see things can be really helpful.

Syndra loves to climb trees. You’ll often find her high up in a tree looking down on you.

Coco and Bella are cats

Coco & Bella

Coco and Bella know that you need to be ready to catch opportunities when they come. Be open to possibilities, get out in the world, and if you have good fortune, share it with others.

Coco and Bella are quite the huntresses and when the weather is just right, you might wake up to a surprise frog or worm! Sadly Coco passed away and she will be missed.

Bailey is a corgi dog


Bailey loved getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. She knew that a little nature and breeze can be a welcome break in the day.

Bailey is no longer with us, but our memories of her enjoying the outdoors (in all weather) will stay with us.

We hope you enjoy learning a little bit about our furry friends and the namesakes behind our placeholder frames.

If you have any questions or stories for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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