Art Stories May 2023

Let’s take a new view of some old favorites – renaming a van Gogh, appreciating air pollution, and interacting with art.

Vegetable still life gets a new name

Painting of a woman with red hair holding a cat
Vincent van Gogh, Red Cabbages and Garlic (1887). Collection of the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.

Formerly titled “Red Cabbages and Onions”, the Van Gogh Museum has renamed the piece thanks to the culinary expertise of a chef visitor.

An unexpected benefit of air pollution

Photo of a woman standing in front of an audience pointing to a Vermeer painting
Houses of Parliament in the Fog by Claude Monet, oil on canvas, 1903 which can be seen at High Museum of Art

Research on the 19th century paintings of Turner and Monet shows that their artworks captured the increasing air pollution due to the industrial revolution. In fact, Monet wrote a letter to his wife, complaining about the lack of smoke from trains.

Coca-Cola Masterpiece

If you haven’t seen this 2-minute short film ad, it’s worth a watch. It’s a fun imaginative journey through art and the creative process.

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