With a lifelong passion for homes and design, Ashley Jorgenson knows that the best-designed homes are the ones that reflect the people who live in them. It means that our spaces are meant to grow and change and evolve with us. Here are some of her top decorating tips:

Side by side images of rooms with pictures hung on the walls
Personal photos and souvenirs as decorations. Images by Anastasiya Vragova and Luis Ruiz.

On a budget?

Not a problem! You can still make a difference on any budget. Over time you can keep making incremental changes. If you can’t afford new flooring, find an affordable rug. If you’re looking for a refresh, hang up pictures from a recent trip.

Make small changes over time.

Shop your house

One of the best ways to find art and decor that you’ll enjoy is to explore your storage, attic, and the boxes you have tucked away. You’ll find some unique items that you might not even think of as “art” but can make great wall decorations. Maybe you have some decorative china from Grandma, or maybe you’ve collected some souvenirs from trips and have acquired an interesting collection. These all make for compelling wall displays.

Get creative. Look for interesting patterns and colors.

Make it personal

The best spaces we can create are personal. Display pictures from a favorite vacation. Show off those fun, smiley faces. Decorate with heirlooms that remind you of loved ones. Share your collections.

Highlight your interests and favorite memories.

Ashley’s final piece of advice – the only limit is your imagination. Don’t worry about getting it all done. Your house is never done, and that’s a good thing. As your interests change and you have more experiences, you get to incorporate that into your home. Enjoy the journey!

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Ashley Jorgenson is an interior designer and real estate agent, helping others find the perfect house and then turn it into their home. As a child, while most kids spent Saturday morning watching cartoons, she was watching Bob Villa on This Old House. This love for homes and the built environment has led to a career-long journey. In 2001 she obtained her degree in interior design from San Francisco State University. She worked with a residential design firm in the Bay Area and then as a sole proprietor before relocating to Eugene, Oregon in 2013. In 2014 she founded her own design firm in Eugene and obtained her real estate license in 2020.

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