Sometimes entryways and narrow hallways can be a challenge to decorate. Fortunately, these are also the perfect places to display small pictures and photographs according to Interior designer Ashley Jorgenson.

hallway with grid of pictures on the wall
Entry hallway and family photo wall. Images by Skylar Kang and Max Vakhtbovych

Easy to see the details

The advantage of entryways and hallways is that you can actually get up close and see all the details. While a gallery wall behind a couch or desk can look lovely, it can be especially challenging to really take in the piece. Use this to your advantage! Take those small detailed “gems” and hang them up right where everyone can enjoy them.

Enjoy the memories

Photos, especially the ones with all those smiley faces of loved ones, are a wonderful way to decorate your space. You can decorate with photos from favorite vacations or family heirlooms. Consider printing all your photos in black and white or mixing and matching.

Conversation starter

These can act as fun conversation starters with guests to your home. It’s an easy way to share your favorite stories and break the ice. You might also find that you have something in common with your guest!

Want to know the best part? You can start this today! One of Ashley’s top decorating tips is to “shop your home.” Dive into those boxes of photos or browse through your online photos. You’ll find that you’ll have a stunning wall display in no time.

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