Art Stories Sept 2023

The heart wants what the heart wants. Finding art in unexpected places, aesthetic preferences from birth, and cinematic inspiration from the art world.

Off the beaten path

Painting of a woman with red hair holding a cat
The exterior of one of Dan Dubowitz’s Ancoats Peeps is hidden in Manchester, UK. Photograph: Len Grant

Not all art is meant for art galleries, museums, or the walls in our homes. Some artists create art to be stumbled upon in the streets and even in the waters we explore. While there is no money to be made, there is something rewarding about creating a lasting mark or impact on the people that find these works.

Lifelong affinity for Van Gogh

Photo of a woman standing in front of an audience pointing to a Vermeer painting
A woman and her daughter view Van Gogh’s Madame Roulin and Her Baby at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, US. Photograph: MediaNews Group/Boston Herald/Getty Images

Researchers have found a link between the aesthetic preferences of babies and adults. Artworks that babies spend more time gazing at corresponded with adults’ rating of visual pleasantness. In the case of Van Gogh paintings, pieces that had more variation in brightness and a wider range of colors were most preferred.

Hitchcock’s Hopper inspiration

Hopper paintings paired with stills from Hitchcock’s films.

Inspiration can be drawn from many sources and in the case of Alfred Hitchcock, Edward Hopper’s paintings were a creative resource. Capturing a sense of loneliness, vulnerability, and voyeurism, both the paintings and the film scenes are intimate and uneasy.

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