Art Stories Nov 2022

This month we’ll take a fresh perspective on some old favorites, the oval office and fine art.

Art in the Oval Office

Photo of the Oval Office with five presidential portraits being displayed
The Oval Office taken by Alex Brandon/Associated Press

The oval office gets redecorated to match each US president’s tastes, inspiration, and values. This NY Times piece explores how the art in this prestigious office has changed (and not changed) over the years.

Which side is up?

Photo of museum gallery with Mondrian on display
“Mondrian. Evolution,” installation view. (Photo: Achim Kukulies)

Sometimes with art, it can be hard to tell which side is up. ???????? After over 75 years on display, it’s unclear what Mondrian had intended the “top” of his New York City I piece to be. “There would be no right or wrong orientation” according to curator Susanne Meyer-Büser, if Mondrian had worked from different perspectives, as he was known to do.

Trompe l’oeil outdoors

Photo of an abandoned building with graffiti art of a painting
Marat’s “Jacques Louis David” in Kultur Palast, Chemnitz (2017) by Julio Anaya Cabanding

Inspired by the “opposite of what a museum is,” artist Julio Anaya Cabanding brings well-known masterpieces to these unexpected public places. Inspired by his education at the University of Fine Arts in Malaga and a graffiti-loving friend, he began creating his trompe l’oeil works in the public spaces of Malaga, Spain.

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