Art Stories Dec 2023

A new look at some old favorites. Perhaps we need a new way of looking and experiencing art?

Nudies seeing nudes

Painting of a woman with red hair holding a cat
A nudist visit to the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia about The Bronzes of Race exhibition of Luigi Spina’s photographs depicting two large Greek bronze statues of the naked in Barcelona, Spain October 28, 2023. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

In a new way to experience art, the Museum of Archaeology of Catalonia hosted some naturist viewers to view photographs of Greek bronze statues in the buff.

Using AI to “improve” classics

Photo of a woman standing in front of an audience pointing to a Vermeer painting
Soncharm’s first edit of Nighthawks.

How might AI “improve” Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks? Perhaps a sunnier and happier setting and patrons.

Stone or perhaps a prehistoric tool?

A close-up of “The Melun Diptych”, ca. 1455, Jean Fouquet. Courtesy Steven Kangas and authors.

Further inspection of “The Melun Diptych”, ca. 1455, may reveal a prehistoric tool and not a stone as originally thought.

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